As the title suggests, Film Studies bling-bling is about hidden and well-known treasures, the big and small diamonds of film studies.

In each episode, there is first an interview with a scholar from the discipline of film studies. The interviews are brief and meant as impulses to go deeper into the topics discussed if they meet the listener's interest. In the news section, reports on current calls for papers, scholarly events, or book publications will be made. And at the end of each episode, there is a section called "Dear Diary," in which the podcast gives insight into the research project "The Cinematic Face of Cities" (affiliated with Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf in Germany and Aarhus University in Denmark,2019–2022) and other topics that concern me as a PostDoc.

The podcast is mainly meant for undergraduate students of film studies, PhD students, and PostDocs of film and media studies—but of course, anyone with an interest in film studies is highly welcome to subscribe to the podcast.

I produce one episode per month. The release date is the 20th of each month.

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#Episode 12 | Josetxo Cerdán Los Arcos

In this episode, my Bling of the month is the director of the Filmoteca Española, Josetxo Cerdán Los Arcos. We talk about the organization of the Filmoteca, how the Filmoteca manages to keep film heritage alive and about Josetxo's vision for Cinematheques.


Josetxo Cerdán Los Arcos. Director at Filmoteca Española since september 2018. Previously Full Professor at the Communication Department of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. He has coordinated film programs for institutions such as Lincoln Center (New York, 2014); Anthology Film Archive (New York, 2013); Distrital (Mexico City, 2013), Robert and Francis Flaherty Seminar (New York, 2012), Locarno Intarnational Film Festival (2009), among others. Artistic director of Punto de Vista. Navarra International Documentary Film Festival (Pamplona, 2010-2013). He’s been also involved in film production and scripwriting: Los pasos de Antonio (Antonio Steps, Pablo Baur, 2007); Pepe el andaluz (Pepe the Andalusian, Alejandro Alvarado & Concha Barquero, 2012); La película de nuestra vida (The Movie of Our Lives, Enrique Baró Ubach, 2016). The last two based in the home movies and family videos of the filmmakers families. He coordinated an M. A. in Documentary Film Production at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona for ten years (1999-2008). He has co-edited books and special issues in different academic journals on documentary, avant-garde and Spanish film production and history, such as Mirada, memoria y fascinación. Notas sobre el documental español(Ocho y Medio & Málaga Film Festival, 2001); Documental y Vanguardia (Cátedra, 2005); Después de lo real: pensar el cine documental, hoy (Archivos de la Filmoteca, 2008). He has been lead investigator in four research projects financed by the Spanish Government, the last one (2018-2021) to create a digital archive of self-images of migrations between Spain and Latin America. Finally, he has published extensively in different academic journals and collaborated in collective books. 

In the News Chapter Birgit Acar tells us about the film and event series

125 Years of Cinema. From Wintergarden to Multiplex (125 Jahre Kino. Vom Wintergarten zum Multiplex) that reconstructs historical forms of movie exhibition. 


Birgit Acar holds an M.A. in film studies and comparative literature. She works as a cinema programmer for the Filmmuseum Potsdam/Germany.  She was part of the programme commission for the documentary film festival dokumentART in Neubrandenburg/Germany from 2006 until 2013 and worked for other juries and selection committees, e.g. at the Berlin International Film Festival.  She gave classes on cinema and festival programming at the Filmuniversität Babelsberg from 2016 through 2019.

In my Diary, I report on the annual meeting of the Society of Media Studies (Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft). It took place from 29 September to 2 October 2020. 


Nocturne Plattform


The book „Experimente lernen, Techniken tauschen. Ein spekulatives Handbuch“ 

Eds. Julia Bee and Gerke Egert.

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