As the title suggests, "Film Studies bling-bling" is about hidden and well-known treasures, the big and small diamonds of film studies.

In each episode, there is first an interview with a scholar from the discipline of film studies. The interviews are brief and meant as impulses to go deeper into the topics discussed if they meet the listener's interest. In the news section, reports on current calls for papers, scholarly events, or book publications will be made. And at the end of each episode, there is a section called "Dear Diary," in which the podcast gives insight into the research project "The Cinematic Face of Cities" (affiliated with Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf in Germany and Aarhus University in Denmark,2019–2022) and other topics that concern me as a PostDoc.

The podcast is mainly meant for undergraduate students of film studies, PhD students, and PostDocs of film and media studies—but of course, anyone with an interest in film studies is highly welcome to subscribe to the podcast.

I produce one episode per month. The release date is the 20th of each month.

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New Episode

#Episode 11 | Boukary Sawadogo 

Boukary Sawadogo

Since 2015 Boukary Sawadogo has been Assistant Professor of Cinema Studies, at the City University of New York. He received his PhD in African Cinema at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, LA. In addition to his books Boukary has published numerous book chapters, articles and Film Reviews. He has published extensively on African cinema, on aesthetics, distribution, genres, and culture and gender in African film. Furthermore, he is Film review editor of the African Studies Review.  Boukary is also an enthusiastic teacher. Among his courses are introductory classes in film studies, lectures on the history and theory of film and in-depth courses on African film history and theory. In addition to his academic work, Boukary is involved in academic and community Service and is also very active in science communication. He is, above all, working creatively.

Books from Boukary we are talking about

Jeanette Toussaint

Credit: Katherine Biesecke

Jeanette Toussaint ist ausgebildete Gärtnerin, Floristin und Ethnologin. Sie arbeitet als freiberufliche Ausstellungskuratorin und Autorin in Potsdam. Zu ihren Forschungsschwerpunkten zählen Frauen- und Geschlechtergeschichte, Diktaturen in Deutschland und Kinos in Brandenburg. Sie war an Ausstellungen der KZ-Gedenkstätte Ravensbrück beteiligt und ist seit 2014 freie Mitarbeiterin im Projekt „NS-Raubgut“ der Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin. 

2018 erschien von ihr „Kino in der Filmstadt Babelsberg. Hundert Jahre Thalia“, 2019 folgte „Frauen! Fordert das Wahlrecht! Internationale Vorkämpferinnen & Politikerinnen in Potsdam und Brandenburg 1791 bis 1933“ zur gleichnamigen Ausstellung des Projektes „Frauenwahllokal“ in Potsdam. Derzeit forscht sie zur Potsdamer Frauenbewegung in der Umbruchzeit 1989/90 und zu Else Niemöller, Friedensaktivistin und Ehefrau des früheren Kirchenpräsidenten der evangelischen Kirche in Hessen und Nassau, Martin Niemöller.

The book from Jeanette we are talking about

Here you can find further information on the installation "Das filmische Gesicht der Stadt Potsdam" (The Cinematic Face of Potsdam) I talk about in my Dear Diary Chapter: http://cinematic-city.projekte-filmuni.de/the-installation.html

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