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In this episode, I welcome Senem Duruel Erkılıç as my "Bling of the month". She is Film Scholar at the Radio, Film and TV Department at Mersin University (Turkey). Her academic field of study involves Turkish cinema, cinema-history and memory relationship, documentary film and film language. We talk about her book "Turk Sinemasinda Tarih ve Bellek" ("History and Memory in Turkish Cinema") and her current research project titled "COVID-19 Pandemic and Crises of Turkish Film Industry". 


Bling of the month

Senem Duruel Erkılıç was born in Istanbul in 1971. She completed her undergraduate study in Mimar Sinan University (stanbul) Film and TV Department in 1993, took her master’s degree from Chapman University (CA, USA) in 1997. Professionally worked as assistant director and second camera assistant on feature films, commercial films and TV series besides directing short films and documentaries. She performed her proficiency in art in Mimar Sinan University Film and TV field.

Senem Duruel Erkılıç became associate professor in 2008 and professor in 2013. She became the head of Radio, Film and TV Department in 2004 in Mersin University and later the Dean of Communication Faculty at Mersin University between 2014-2020 (February). Along with still being the Head of Cinema Department, she is currently the head of an interdisciplinary program called Media, Culture and Urban Studies at Mersin University.

Her academic field of study involves Turkish cinema, cinema-history and memory relationship, documentary film and film language. She has articles and papers in relevant subjects in various journals and books. She is the author of History and Memory in Turkish Cinema (2014). She gives lectures on “Turkish Cinema”, “Constructing History and Memory in Film”, “Cinema, Society and Memory” at graduate level. She is currently working on a project titled “COVID-19 Pandemic and Crises of Turkish Film Industry” which is founded by TUBITAK (The Scientifıc and Technological Research Council of Turkey).

Senem’s book


S. DURUEL ERKILIÇ & H. ERKILIÇ, “The Black Humor World of Migrants Caught Between Two Cultures: Space, Identity and Belonging in Tunç Okan’s Cinema”, in Imaginaries Out of Place: Cinema Transnationalism and Turkey,  Ed. G. Karanfil & S. Savk (p. 109 - 131), Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013.

S. DURUEL ERKILIÇ & R. ÜNAL, “Digital Aspects of Memory: The Journey of Photography On Instagram” in New Approaches in Media and Communication Ed: A. Ayhan (p.131 - 151), Peter Lang, 2019.

Selected Articles

S. DURUEL ERKILIÇ & H. ERKILIÇ, “What Does a Documentary Change Remembrance and Truth in Ayrılığın Yurdu Hüzün and Yeni Bir Yurt Edinmek”, Global Media Journal Turkish Edition, Fall 2012 Volume 3 - Issue 5, p.  61-85.

S. A. DURUEL ERKILIÇ & H. ERKILIÇ, Arabesque Narrative in New Turkish Cinema Is it Synthetic, 9th International Symposium Communication in the Millennium, 22 - 25 May 2011, San Diego, p. 323 - 336.  (Top Paper Award).

English chapters and articles 

Senem's reading recommendations on Turkish cinema 

News Chapter

In the News Chapter, it's all about the Podcast "The Cinematologists". The creators Dario Llinares and Neil Fox give an insight into how the Podcast reflect their work as Film Scholars and how the Podcast developed over the years. 


Dear Diary Chapter

In the Dear Diary Chapter, I tell about my participation at the "Dial S for Screen Studies Conference".


#Episode 13 

Helen Leung

Laliv Melamed and Andreas Kirchner

In this episode, I welcome Helen Leung from the Department of Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies at Simon Fraser University in Canada as my bling of the month. We will talk about her fruitful multi-perspective view on film and learn more about her projects "Transpacific Film Cities", "Queer Sound On Screen" and her Podcast "Transpacific Stories“


Bling of the month

Helen Leung is Professor at the Department of Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies at the Simon Fraser University and Co-Director of the Institute for Transpacific Cultural Research. Born and raised in Hong Kong during the 1970s, Helen left home at age 16 to study at the United World College of the Atlantic in Wales. Helen completed her BA at the University of British Columbia, her MA at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she also did her PhD. Helen pursued her first major research project on queer culture in Hong Kong – focusing on media culture – during 1999-2001. In 2002, she started work at Simon Fraser University, first on a tenure-track position, then as a Professor and in this position, she became the founding co-director of the Institute for Transpacific Cultural Research.

Helen is the author of numerous publications, short essays and book and Film reviews . Her books include “Farewell My Concubine”: A Queer Film Classic and “Undercurrents: Queer Culture and Postcolonial Hong Kong”. She has produced numerous articles, reviews and essays across a number of languages addressing  trans cinema, new queer angles on Wong Kar-wai and the placing of intimacy in Urban Romance Films, to name only a few. In her teaching, she and her students address audiovisual and popular culture and it’s products from the perspective of Queer,Trans and Sexuality Studies, Sinophone, Inter-Asia and Transpacific Studies.

News Chapter

In the News Chapter, it's all about the recently published book 

"Pandemic Media". I will discuss the book with one of the editors 

Laliv Melamed and Andreas Kirchner, who represents the 

publisher Meson Press. 


And in the Dear Diary Chapter, you'll hear just a few words on this and that. 


Dear Diary Chapter

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