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Harlem African Animation Festival 

Interview with Boukary Sawadogo and Assetou Kone

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In this special episode of Film Studies bling-bling you can hear an Interview with Boukary Sawadogo and Assetou Kone. We talk about the first edition of the Harlem African Animation Festival. It is the first festival in the United States to be entirely dedicated to Animated films and series from Africa. The festival gives voice and presence to a lesser known African cinematic practice of animation and yet a thriving creative force currently sweeping across the continent. Building on the work by long established animators such as Moustapha Alassane, William Kentridge, Jean Michel Kibushi, or Celia Sawadogo, a young generation of animators are taking advantage of new technological innovations to bring African stories to the world of animation. This first edition of the festival provides a balanced lineup of African animated films across generational lines as a way to give you a broader perspective on animation in Africa. The programming activities include panels discussions and live streaming / live screenings followed with Q/A sessions.

The festival is organised by Boukary Sawadogo, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor of Cinema Studies, Department of Media and Communication Arts, Black Studies program, City College - City University of New York).

** Here are the links for guests to join:**

Saturday, November 14, 2020 14H00: PANEL: Moustapha Alassane, a pioneer in African animation Registration Link:

16H:00: LIVE STREAMING of the films “Samba Le Grand”, “Malika and the Witch”, and “Kokoa”

Sunday, November 16, 2020 10H:30: LIVE STREAMING of the films “Broom on Deck”, and “The Toad Visits His In-Laws” (films in French, no English subtitles)

10H50: PANEL: Animators Speaking Registration Link:

18H00: LIVE STREAMING feature “Soundiata Kéïta, le réveil du lion”

November 16-22, 2020 Access the festival selection at your convenience with provided live streaming links. 

Boukary Sawadogo

Since 2015 Boukary Sawadogo has been Assistant Professor of Cinema Studies, at the City University of New York. He received his PhD in African Cinema at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, LA. In addition to his books Boukary has published numerous book chapters, articles and Film Reviews. He has published extensively on African cinema, on aesthetics, distribution, genres, and culture and gender in African film. Furthermore, he is Film review editor of the African Studies Review.  Boukary is also an enthusiastic teacher. Among his courses are introductory classes in film studies, lectures on the history and theory of film and in-depth courses on African film history and theory. In addition to his academic work, Boukary is involved in academic and community Service and is also very active in science communication. He is, above all, working creatively.

Books from Boukary

Assetou Kone

Assetou Kone is a very dedicated student at the City University of New York with a keen interest in African Cinema. With Assetou I had the pleasure to talk about the Harlem African Animation Festival from a students perspective.

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